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In the inspirative nature of the Nízký Jeseník foothills lies a beautiful town of Bělkovice-Lašťany. With an amazing traffic accessibility and landscape lined with the Trusovice brook.

It is here where stands a mill with rich history, grinding a high-quality wood flour with a remarkable spruce scent.


Mills history goes back to the year 1620 as it first functioned as a traditional water mill. Important time in its history became the 20th century. Technology and the mills production changed. The mill was rebuilt, and it started producing a new material with a great potential, the wood flour. At first the wood flour served as a material for arms industry. And today? Currently we grind here the finest wood flour carrying a rich story. This production became our heart and soul which allowed a creation of our high-quality ecological flour.
Meet wood flour grinded in harmony with nature in a unique commercial wood flour mill in Czech Republic.

Not every sawdust is the same

Sawdust is not a waste product for us. Quite the opposite! It is the core of our production and ecological processing. We choose the sawdust from the best suppliers in the highest quality. Processed sawdust comes from nearby sawmills we know intimately. Our wood flour is grinded from spruce sawdust without any bark. That ensures not only a unique composition, but the perfect natural scent as well.

How do we grind?

At the moment we grind wood flour with following properties. It reached 5% humidity, ideal for the production of WPC. In an environment with a unique atmosphere. Our current mill is a symbiosis of rich history and modern technology, containing news halls dedicated to high-capacity drying of sawdust and shavings. Therefore we can deliver a finely dried wood flour, which we can grind according to your needs.

What can we grind?

Commonly we grind wood flour with coarseness B1 and B2, starting at 250 nm and humidity of 5 %. We can always make a different arrangement though. If you are interested in wood flour, contact us. We always try to meet your needs on the coarseness, humidity and packaging. We can prepare 25 kg paper bags or 300 kg to 400 kg bigbags. And we are able to deliver wherever you need.
Don’t hesitate to tell us your needs. We value communication and will be happy discuss your experience with wood flour and its properties you need.
There is a lot of work ahead of us but we are not afraid. On the contrary we are looking forward to the future. What way do we want to follow in the next few months? First we want step out towards the future by modernizing our operation. Then only a small step is left to expand our total production of wood flour. The result will hopefully be a realization of our vision to start a full production of WPC and introduce our own product. Cherish the future with us. Choose a modern and ecological material such as the wood flour as your companion.

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