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Material of the future? That is the aim of the increasingly popular WPC. Thanks to its composition of differing wood flour, polymer additives and other materials ratio.


Captivating wooden design on first sight, full of nature but firm, resilient, and long-lasting at its core. Wood flour has its use as a modern and eco-friendly material in a wide spectrum of wood production and more.

It makes an irreplaceable part of thermoplastic boards which serve for laying floors, creating, or facing walls that engage one’s attention by their visual making, emphasizing the beauty of wood. Furthermore, it is a part of automotive industry, constructions, the production of plastic materials, food industry and other processing industries. So how exactly is the wood flour used?

Automotive industry

  • Automotive industry is constantly advancing, so parts made of WPC have their place in the newest car models, bringing an ecological benefit.
  • Most often these are parts which have to be very firm and resilient, for example the door padding or the dashboard. They contain the wood flour in differing ratios.


  • Wood flour has its place in greasy dirt filtering as well. It is used as a filling for grease traps in oil products. It is a material which binds waste grease and therefore is able to filter water.
  • Another branch where wood flour finds its use is explosives production. In this case the wood flour must be grinded into a size smaller than 0.1 mm. That way it becomes and explosive material, used for production of explosives.


Wood flour also has a very wide use in construction. It is often used as a filling in brick mixtures, where it improves the natural attributes of the brick. Firing bricks burns the wood flour and creates an air pocket which improves the isolating properties of the brick.

Wood flour is also used for creating thermoplastics, where it is combined with suitable polymers. The result is a WPC board, used for making floors, terraces, fences, railing, outdoor furniture, planking and acoustic isolation.

Food industry

  • In this field is where wood flour reaches its full ecological potential because it is becoming a part of modern biodegradable polymer mixtures. These consist of a combination of wood flour and other compounds.
  • Those are used to produce a wide variety of ecologically degradable products, such as cutlery, plates, spoons, trays or accessories like straws, coffee lids or swizzle straws used in larger facilities. That largely decreases the use of standard plastic products. These modern accessories with wood flour are unlike plastic products degradable and significantly help to decrease environmental strain.

Plastic industry

  • This field contains a wide variety of products. Be it sanitary products, transport systems or the use in plastic materials alone.
  • Wood flour is combined with different polymers, resin, and other components. Furthermore, it has a very positive effect on properties of these substances, for example on the firmness, tenacity, or stability. That way modern ecological and recyclable materials meant for the future are created
  • It also belongs to a very modern field of WPC processing, overseen by the production of filaments for 3D printing, which is constantly developing and apparently has a very promising use.

Do you need us to make a specific wood flour?

Our wood flour is standardly made from pure spruce, extracted in Czech Republic in several basic fractions.

Because wood flour is used in a very wide variety of fields, we can adjust its production to your needs.

Properties of our wood flour:
Coarseness: B1, B2 (from 250 nm)
Humidity: from 5 %
Packaging: two-layered bags 25 kg or bigbagy 350 kg to 400 kg

We know how to grind the perfect wood flour! Contact us!


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