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Meet a modern material called WOOD-PLASTIC COMPOSITE, known as WPC. What exactly is that? It is an ecological composite matter made of different materials such as wood matter, polymer matter and other substances in varying ratios, which in return define the overall properties of the composite.


One of the greatest benefits is the beautiful natural look of the material, carrying the best attributes of wood without being as delicate as the wood alone. And how is such matter created? The components – wood matter, polymers and additional substances are mixed in higher temperature and light pressure. The result is a composite made of wood and plastic which is then turned into pellet fuel. We now have pellets of a desired shape and the material is ready to be used in an injection molding machine for further production.

This material has also a great economical value. Its best properties are hardness, stability and tenacity, which will lead to a rising position on the market. And considering the price of wood flour being half that of biodegradable materials, WPC will become invaluable.


What benefit does this material hold? It is not only an esthetical value. It is also highly functional and resilient. Furthermore, it is an ecologically degradable product.
Testing is very important in order to create the most fitting material. For each type of injection molding machine it is necessary to test the right mixture. Not every mix is suitable for each type of machine. Every customer has a different machine a their own needs, which we meet by adjusting the mixture. Every mix therefore has a different ratio of wood flour, biopolymer and other additives.

Material with a wide usage

This modern material has very quickly found its place in construction engineering. It is a comfortable material for a modern terrace. You can admire its beauty on fences and fence posts. That is all though! It has its use in automotive, chemical and food industries as well as in plastics production.

What will the future bring?

We are currently developing a modern and ecological material which stands out with its resilience. Our goal is to create a composite mixture that suits a wide variety of customers. We plan on producing not only ecological composite materials but also a biodegradable composite material.

We can make wood flour that suits your needs today, you only need to contact us! And in future we can arrange a special composite ready for processing. The next step of our cooperation will be the delivery of our composite or production of a composite material designed directly for you.
Furthermore, we want to produce special mixtures according to your needs. In that fashion we want to create our own exceptionally long-life mixture and product as it will be possible to recycle it into a new product or to ecologically dispose of it.

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